Konstantinos N. Pirgakis Winery

In 1998 Konstantinos N. Pirgakis, founder of the family business Konstantinos N. Pirgakis Winery, produced his first wine from his own vineyards.
The organic cultivation of the vineyards in the Asprokambos highlands and the bottling of wines in 36 different packages combined with the modernization of the winery and the bottling plant with stainless steel machines have made the company’s products competitive, affordable and of high quality.

The growth of the business could not have affected the modernization of the winery. State-of-the-art stainless steel equipment ensures the quality upgrades of production, aging and bottling.

All wineries are stainless steel in a clean and organized space.
The wine cellar has received brand new oak barrels that age the wines under ideal temperature and humidity conditions.
The bottle is made with the most stringent wine bottle specifications and with all the necessary certifications.
The cellar of the Konstantinos N. Pirgakis Winery is carefully crafted to keep wine in perfect light and humidity conditions and perfectly hosts oak barrels, giving life to wine.


The vineyards we collect from our grapes are located in Mountain Corinth at an altitude of 700 to 800 meters.


Both soil and climate create ideal conditions for the cultivation of vineyards of all varieties.


The selection and processing of grapes is done with extreme rigor. Only in this way will we achieve the desired result


We are aware of the criticality of each production and winemaking sector and are refining the process with rigorous controls.


Our winery meets the most stringent technical specifications to guarantee every phase of winemaking and bottling.


Our cellar ensures that our fine wines are aged in perfect conditions throughout the year.


Asprokampos, Korinthia

Asprokampos Corinthia is at an altitude of about 700 meters. The wider area is known by Stymfalia Lake, where the legendary hero, Hercules, killed the Stymphalides Hens.

The region stands out for its exceptional climate, ideal for growing any variety of grapes and making them wine.